Add Task

How to create a job request using the Psychology Task Tracker system.

Login to the Task Tracker

Go to and enter your normal university username and password to login.

The Main Page

This is the main page of the tracker. On the left are your menu controls, on the right is the information area. When you first log in, any current system announcements will be displayed.

Create a task

Click on 'Create Task'

Fill Out the Form

Fill in the job request.

1. Select the appropriate group to deal with your request: IT Support, AV Support, Workshop or Web Support
2. Set the priority for your task: Low, Medium, High or Critical
3. Choose the category for your request; if you're not sure which to use, choose 'General'
4. Type a short description of your problem or request
5. Add some more detail to describe your problem's symptoms, or your request's needs. If you can take a screenshot of your problem, you can use the 'Attachment' section to include it in your request.
6. Click 'Create Task'

Task Accepted

Your new task is confirmed. You need not record the task number.
Click 'My Open Tasks' to see all your current requests.

Task List

Initially, your task is unassigned - but the relevant technicians are sent an email alert about your request.

Task Accepted

Once a technician has accepted your request, the status will change. You can see the progress of the task by clicking on the name of your task in the 'Short Description' column.

Task progress

You can keep up to date with your status on this page.

Asking for Feedback

If the technician has left a message for you, the staus changes to 'Waiting for Response' in your list of requests. You may also receive an email from the technician if further information is needed to tackle your request. In that case, you should click the link in the email to visit the task page rather than reply to the email.

Providing More Detail

You can see if a question has been left for you, and provide an answer in the Update box.

Viewing Past Requests

You can see a list of previous requests you have made by clicking 'My Closed Tasks'

Closed Task List

In the list of closed tasks, you can:
- Click the 'Short Description' to view details about that request
- Click 'Add' in the Feedback column to leave comments you may have about the job


When you've finished with the system, please remember to logout. As a security measure, you may be automatically logged out if you leave the system idle for an extended period of time.


If you have any comments about this help page, or about the helpdesk system in general, please email John Staplehurst